pentru cei care se intreaba ce fac.Ca sa nu mai pierd din poezii si alte texte am sa le depozitez pe toate aici…

Te-am gasit in dimineata
In glasul ei, in a ei ceata.
Am venit te-am intrebat
De ce parfumu zorilor ai furat.

Soarele va rasari pentru tine,
Va rasari doar in mine
O sa se ridice din a sperantei mare
Lumina ta, peste neagra culoare.

Nori pleaca, nori mai vin
Unii il numesc destin
Lumineaza tu, acum, o floare
Destinul ineacami-l in mare.

Fara timp si fara zavoare
Doi trandafiri pe o carare
Fara lumanari si fara cibrit
In flacari Raiul caci s-au iubit.


It’s twelve o’clock in the night, another day has passed, another day came riding the feartherless wing of time.I’m sitting here, just me, a yellow old paper and a blody pen that is eating my feelings and is spitting them on the paper.I take my guitar, once a piece of art, now a ruin, cold as the grey stone walls that are surrounding me.

I thing these are my famous last words before I say goodbye to Sunday or Saturday.I don’t know what know what day is today just because her memory follows me everywhere I go.She is everywhere I go, everyone I see, summers gone and I still can’t sleep, winter’s on the way, at least that’s what they say, but this cloud won’t leave.She walked away barely breathing as I was lying on the floor and she took my heart as she was leaving because I didn’t need it anymore. But this is a memory, a ghost that keeps haunting you, keeps following you entering even the corners of your mind, like a demonic lullaby.So, as I’m playing the guitar, I gave that room a colour, maybe the colour of hope, but the only thing I managed to paint is a picture of a tear.

Suddenly I hear a noise, an echoed sound that seems like drops of water. The rain started and I watched it until the sunrise.The kiss of a sunbeam told me a story about never giving up.The sunbeam told me this:”I called a cloud just for you, I called the rain to wash your tears, now I came to remind you to believe in your dreams”.Then I realised that the sun was missing me and the moment I went outside to smell the enchanting autumn breeze I knew one thing:If you think in the past and always about the future you’ll never live your life in the present.You’ll be trapped forever.

Confessions of a broken heart

Katie don’t cry I know that you’re trying your hardest and the hardest part is letting go of the nights we shared.I shouldn’t have loved you because this happens every time, i knew it would.After two years of loving you, you decided to leave me so why would you have to go?I’m asking you this because in nights like this i wish i’d said don’t go.I’m begging for answears that you and only you can give to me.We were made one for each other because you are the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground and i’m the wings that keep your heart in the clouds.

i want you to know that I thought that i could live in your arms forever and spend every moment i have with you.I thought we could stay up all night with the stars and confess all the love i feel for you.Now i’m just gone beyond repair.Inside i hope you know i’m dying with my broken heart beside me, in shattered pieces that may never be replaced.

You’ll find me by the ocean, waiting for the proof that there are sunsets.All my sandcastles and hopes fall like the ashes of of cuguarets as every wave drags me to sea.i will sit here hours alone and in the dark.Another night, another dream wasted on you!

Now i guess that i can live without you, but without you i’ll be miserable at best.This is for those who hadn’t loved and lost.Save your heat for someone who is worth dying for, for someone who leaves you breathless.


Frunze ruginii imi cad in poala

Caci fara tine acum e goala.

Ele cad sa-mi aline inima ce purta

Zambetul si-al tau parfum ce nu le pot uita.

Un fluture vine, o amintire moare

Dar tot mai intens ma doare

Ca dragostea noastra, a noastra comoara

E o flacara ce sta sa moara.

Un mare nor de singuratate vine

Si se aseaza langa mine

Vine si  imi spune in zbor

Ca el este  nemuritor

Ca pana si-o floare se-mbata

Cu al iubirii venin macar odata.

My only „if”

I will tell you a story about a girl if you listen.She lived by the ocean so don’t be surprised if I tell you that every time she walks, she leaves behind a pice of her in every wave that’s calling me.You will not believe me if U tell you I’m waiting here alona for one hunfread days just to see her.One hundread days that just won’t mean a thing if I could catch an eye on her.I left on the beach a paper for her in wich I said „If I am a butterfy then I’ll be you’ll be my flower.If you are a fairy let’s make this a fairytale and if love is a drug then I guess I’m addicted.” and I prayed to GOd she’ll answear.

Keep listening because if cuts on paper hurt then they can be awful deep and you’ll se me wandering on this city’s streets.If she was a ghost, she haunted my every single dream.One night as I was going to the seaside, i decided to drown my hopes if she can’t make my soul walk on water.But here you are, waiting for my arrival and you will not leave me alone if I chisel your heart made of stone.The in your eyes, the truth in your lies made me think that even if the moon fell down tonight, there is nothing to worry about at all because you make the whole world to shine.

You would have understood if you had listened, and if you heard that means you’re here.


I was born in Romania a long tie ago, but I never stopped asking myself what it would be like if I lived in America.Since I was a kid, I have felt an atraction for this country, for this culture and for their style of life.

So at the age if eighteen I went to California and I arrived there my heart started pomping blood so fast that I thought I would pass out.I stayed there one week and I felt instantly at home, I visited all you can possibly visit in california, but here I don’t have any friends, I don’t have my family.This paradise is just the most perfect place to go on vacation.

On the way here I just thought about how it’s a girl out there on the coast of California, there’s a world out there and she’s waiting for me and I can hear them calling my name.But no one was expecting me, here I was alose, so I wrote this letter, actually a note to my girlfriend back home.I told her this:Sometimes I think I need to get away, pack all my things, get on a plane and head off alone on a summer day and never look back to the town I used to call home.Maybe visit California, I heard that is nice here in the summer, but all the weaves and sunset shores will just make me miss you more.

As I returned home I told myself to never leave my home again because all those people living there are my real paradise, my real home.

Seaside sunset

I’m on a bench and I’m watching the most beautiful show God wanted ti share with us.It’s the sunset, the reason for the teardrops on my pen, the goodbye of the sun which calls desperatly for the Moon, his one and only love.But the thing that keeps away these lovers is the ocean ,because every day he is jealous of their love,because he can’t touch the stars even though he tries that on the horizon.He knows one thing, when the sun vanishes all the stars come with the moon.As ocean is dragging the sun,the sky is stained with sun’s blood, an orange, violet blood that disappears everytime the night comes,being washed by Moon’s tears.This spectacol, this battle lasts since forever, and some days, the Moon manages to break off sky’s chains lying by the side of sun, in these days ocean’s anger creates waves of despair that invades the seaside.

Sometimes, feeling sorry, the stars send one of them to consolate ocean’s heart.That star, in her fall begins to ignite, hoping that one day she will vaporize all the water, ocean’s tears and the ocean could leave his cell.

When i say this story, some people think I’m crazy, I’m a fool.They say that the sun is just a massive mass of hydrogen burning, the Moon a huge round rock with freckles, those people belive that the ocean is just water and the stars are nothing but some suns very far away.But I’m telling the truth, all the people who have seen a sunset understand me, bcause they know this isn’t a fairytle.The Moon is a princess with the face of an angel, The sun is her stairwall to heaven, the only thing that brings happiness to the Moon.The ocean is a forgotten soul, aprisoner of space and time, a watchful protector who wanted so badly to touch Moon’s dress and cath a star that he was punished to stay here.But the stars, their only purpose is to stay on Moon’s dress.

I’m a dreamer, dreams come to me, dreams go away from me, but sitting here on this bench,watching this show and listening to wind’s symphony made me ask myself „Does this deafening silence mean nothing to no one but me?”.


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