My only „if”

Asa cum am zis azi va las alt eseu.If-uri alea multe multe multe acolo sunt din cauza ca asta era tema:D.Enjoy!

My only „if”

I will tell you a story about a girl if you listen.She lived by the ocean so don’t be surprised if I tell you that every time she walks, she leaves behind a pice of her in every wave that’s calling me.You will not believe me if U tell you I’m waiting here alona for one hunfread days just to see her.One hundread days that just won’t mean a thing if I could catch an eye on her.I left on the beach a paper for her in wich I said „If I am a butterfy then I’ll be you’ll be my flower.If you are a fairy let’s make this a fairytale and if love is a drug then I guess I’m addicted.” and I prayed to GOd she’ll answear.
Keep listening because if cuts on paper hurt then they can be awful deep and you’ll se me wandering on this city’s streets.If she was a ghost, she haunted my every single dream.One night as I was going to the seaside, i decided to drown my hopes if she can’t make my soul walk on water.But here you are, waiting for my arrival and you will not leave me alone if I chisel your heart made of stone.The in your eyes, the truth in your lies made me think that even if the moon fell down tonight, there is nothing to worry about at all because you make the whole world to shine.
You would have understood if you had listened, and if you heard that means you’re here.


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