Asta e de fapt un eseu la engleza dar mesaju e acelasi si chiar sper sa va placa.Pentru mine sunt un fel de ganduri, amintiri si eliberari.O sa las cate unu in fiecare zi:D


It’s twelve o’clock in the night, another day has passed, another day came riding the feartherless wing of time.I’m sitting here, just me, a yellow old paper and a blody pen that is eating my feelings and is spitting them on the paper.I take my guitar, once a piece of art, now a ruin, cold as the grey stone walls that are surrounding me.
I thing these are my famous last words before I say goodbye to Sunday or Saturday.I don’t know what know what day is today just because her memory follows me everywhere I go.She is everywhere I go, everyone I see, summers gone and I still can’t sleep, winter’s on the way, at least that’s what they say, but this cloud won’t leave.She walked away barely breathing as I was lying on the floor and she took my heart as she was leaving because I didn’t need it anymore. But this is a memory, a ghost that keeps haunting you, keeps following you entering even the corners of your mind, like a demonic lullaby.So, as I’m playing the guitar, I gave that room a colour, maybe the colour of hope, but the only thing I managed to paint is a picture of a tear.
Suddenly I hear a noise, an echoed sound that seems like drops of water. The rain started and I watched it until the sunrise.The kiss of a sunbeam told me a story about never giving up.The sunbeam told me this:”I called a cloud just for you, I called the rain to wash your tears, now I came to remind you to believe in your dreams”.Then I realised that the sun was missing me and the moment I went outside to smell the enchanting autumn breeze I knew one thing:If you think in the past and always about the future you’ll never live your life in the present.You’ll be trapped forever.


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